The Top 4 New Orleans Wedding Floral Trends of 2019

Guest Contribution by The Plant Gallery. 

Today’s bride realizes that her wedding day flowers are a lot more than simply a beautiful wedding bouquet. Flowers have the power to make your wedding décor extra special and to elevate a space to create a unique atmosphere that your guests will be raving about long after the wedding is over. Flowers are also a great way to tie the colors, décor and overall design of your wedding together. Whether you are in the design planning stages of your engagement or just starting to browse for some major floral inspiration for your big day, we have compiled a quick list of the top 4 floral trends we are seeing this 2019 wedding season here in New Orleans.

1.     White Floral Arrangements:

White arrangements are a return to a classic wedding look and lend well to a natural looking bouquet. White looks great with the basic greenery in any arrangement and is also so easy to match with many different textures. Brides are going white with their flowers because it goes great with every color palette and matches most venues. What’s not to love?


2.     Local, In Season Flowers:

By using in season flowers and more specifically, local flowers, you can cut down on costs and unnecessary waste. Another plus is that your flowers will look perfectly suited for your wedding day!  

While a lot of popular flowers are available year round, many flowers are available only seasonally and using them at a local out of season time means having to source them from far away, different climates such as Canada or Central America. Doing this causes unnecessarily high flower costs… and we all know how important it is to stick to that wedding budget! Pro tip: Ask your floral designer what will be in season for your big day.


3.     Dried Grasses: 

In a new trend to lean towards more natural looking florals, dried grasses have really become popular at weddings this year. Different than basic greenery, dried grasses offer an amazing textured look to your scenery. They can look super dramatic when put into an arrangement or look more simple when on their own. Another similar effect that many brides are going towards is using dried lavender in their decor.

4.     Garland:

Garland is no longer just for Christmas! Garland can make a big statement and is especially popular if you are holding your ceremony in a church setting. 

flower garland like the photo below is especially impressive and beautiful. However, we also love what a recent New Orleans bride chose: a simple garland made completely out of eucalyptus and paired with fairy lights.

Venue:  Felicity Church  in New Orleans

Venue: Felicity Church in New Orleans

These are just a few of the most recent and impressive New Orleans wedding flower trends that we believe are here to stay. You can’t go wrong - Choose a floral design that inspires YOU and makes your day feel special and luxurious!

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